Dingboche to Lukla Helicopter Flight 

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with our exclusive Dingboche to Lukla helicopter flight, a perfect choice for intrepid trekkers seeking a seamless journey from the heart of the Everest Region back to Lukla. This aerial escapade is designed to add a touch of luxury and convenience to your trekking adventure.

About Dingboche

Nestled as a vibrant hub for trekkers, Dingboche holds the key to diverse paths. It serves as a crossroads connecting the Island Base Camp trek and the legendary Everest Base Camp trek. As a pivotal point for small peak climbs, Dingboche offers logistical ease that translates to smoother arrangements for your mountaineering dreams. Geography plays its part too; situated advantageously, Dingboche allows helicopters to take off with remarkable efficiency, near their full capacity.

The Sherpa village of Dingboche paints a charming picture with its spread-out settlement adorned with cozy hotels and inviting lodges. Your comfort and acclimatization are paramount, which is why trekkers often rest for two nights in this welcoming village, adjusting to the high altitude and gearing up for the adventures ahead. But Dingboche is more than just a resting place; it's a crossroads of cultures and trails, beckoning explorers to unwind and explore its rich surroundings.

Dingboche to Lukla Helicopter Flight

Our Dingboche to Lukla helicopter has room for up to 5 passengers, with a combined baggage weight of 450 KG. Traveling in a smaller group? Embrace the camaraderie by sharing the helicopter with fellow trekkers. Solo adventurers need not miss out either; our shared helicopter options ensure that everyone can partake in this breathtaking experience.

Whether you're walking alongside a group of kindred spirits or embarking on a solitary journey, our Dingboche to Lukla helicopter flight promises stunning views, unmatched convenience, and a chance to relish the region's natural beauty from an entirely new perspective. Join us and create memories that soar as high as the mighty peaks themselves.

Dingboche to Lukla helicopter Flight Info:

Trip Name

Dingboche to Lukla Helicopter Flight

Starts From


Ends At


Max Passengers

5 Persons

Max Weight

500 kgs

Flight Duration

20 minutes

Flight Cost

USD 500 per person

 Features of the Dingboche to Lukla helicopter flight

  • Details of the helicopter ride from Dingboche to Lukla.

  • Flight times may change because of how flights are affected by the weather.

  • An organized chopper flight that departs from Dingboche and arrives in Lukla.

  • Typically, a morning helicopter trip provides stunning vistas of the region's landscape and mountains.

  • A speedy and secure way to reach Lukla.

  • Exciting and straightforward itineraries.

  • Helicopter flights will go on as scheduled even while fixed-wing aircraft are flying.

  • is not landing. Plan ahead and use caution because weather-related delays are uncommon.

These services are paid for separately.

  • For the helicopter ride to Lukla, sharing is necessary.

Note: If your flight is postponed or canceled due to inclement weather, you will receive a full refund with no additional expenses.

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