Gorakshep to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight

A helicopter ride from Gorakshep to Kathmandu is an amazing and effective way to wrap up your adventure in the Nepalese Everest region. Several advantages exist for choosing this mode of transportation for your return trip after experiencing this beautiful helicopter flight.

The fact that it saves time is one of the main benefits of the helicopter ride from Gorakshep to Kathmandu. Rather than walking back to Lukla from Gorakshep and taking a domestic flight back to Kathmandu, you can just book a helicopter that will drop you off in Kathmandu, which helps reduce the lengthy trekking and domestic flight processes. This greatly shortens the distance traveled and guarantees that you get to Kathmandu fast, improving your whole experience in Nepal.

Nevertheless, the helicopter ride offers you captivating views of the Himalayan landscape as the helicopter lifts off from Gorakshep. Not only that, helicopter flights provide you with comfort and convenience, as the helicopters are well-maintained and equipped with modern luxurious items to ensure a pleasant journey. As safety is our utmost priority, we have hired some of the best pilots who are extremely experienced in the region’s terrain and weather conditions, ensuring your safety and peacefulness on the flight.

Last but not least, the Gorakshep to Kathmandu helicopter ride offers a simple and trouble-free way to travel to Kathmandu from the isolated village of Gorakshep. It allows you to say goodbye to the Everest Region after an unforgettable journey and the memories that you have created.

Highlights during a helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Kathmandu:

A helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Kathmandu offers a unique and astonishing views of the Himalayas and the surrounding environment. You can look forward to the following highlights on your beautiful journey:

  • Beautiful views of Mount Everest.
  • Aerial view of the Himalayan Mountains.
  • Pass over the Khumbu Glacier.
  • A potential glimpse of Everest Base Camp.
  • Views of the Gokyo Lakes.
  • Flying above Sherpa settlements.
  • Rhododendron forests (in spring).
  • A view of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Fly over historical sites.
  • Scenic views of Himalayan Rivers.
  • Ideal for aerial photography.
  • Weather-dependent journey.
  • A memorable visual experience.

Group Joining Gorakshep to Kathmandu helicopter flight cost

The cost per person for a shared helicopter flight is USD 1200. As a result, you will travel with other fellow trekkers who are on the same flight. This shared experience not only allows you to split the cost of the flight but also provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded adventurers. You'll have the chance to swap stories, exchange tips, and forge new friendships as you soar above the breathtaking landscapes. Sharing the helicopter flight not only makes it more affordable but also adds a social element to your journey, enhancing the overall experience.

Lastly, it does not matter whether you choose a shared flight or a charter flight; the helicopter tour always has something to offer. Therefore, the helicopter tour offers you outstanding views of the Himalayas and an unforgettable way to get back to Kathmandu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Kathmandu take?

The total duration of the flight varies from 1 hour to 1.5 hour depending on the weather and the route.

Can I make reservations for a helicopter flight in advance?

Yes, you can book your helicopter flight in advance through a reputed trekking company like Everest Helicopter Flight.

How many passengers and weight can a helicopter carry?

A helicopter can carry up to five passengers and a maximum of 500 kg of weight.

What is the best time for a helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Kathmandu?

The best time is during the clear and stable weather seasons, which are typically in the spring (March to May) and the autumn (September to November).

Are helicopter flights affected by the weather?

Yes, the weather has a significant impact on helicopter trips in the Himalayas. Weather-related issues can cause flight delays or cancellations.

Do I need a permit for the helicopter flight?

The actual helicopter flying doesn't require any extra permission. You will, however, need the appropriate trekking licenses for the Everest region.

Can I book a one-way helicopter flight to Kathmandu from Gorakshep?

Yes, it is possible to reserve a one-way helicopter ride, which is frequently used to travel back to Kathmandu after a hike in the Everest region.



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